A web site that shares the emotional and spiritual experiences of the Vietnam War through poetry, stories, and photos by combat veterans.

Hosted by Vietnam Veteran Bill McDonald

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Published for the Vietnam Veteran, their families and those who have a desire to understand.

OLD ISSUES 2000- 2002 

Issues No Longer Available
Vol. 2  Issue 10 - May 2003

Vol. 2 Issue 1
January 28,2003
Update on Huey Documentary, Passing of a Robin Hood, Trip back to Nam 2003, "A Walk In Hell" book review.
Vol.2 Issue 2
January 29, 2003
Book review of "Voices From Vietnam"; Unit website The 48th AHC Blue Stars, Jokers; 
Veterans With Diabetes International.  

Vol.2 Issue 3
 Book review of "A Buffalo's Revenge" ; Featured Website "Vietnam War. Net" ; & News briefs

Vol. 2 Issue 4
Organization needs your help, Shadow update
& News briefs
Vol. 2 Issue 5
March 21, 2003. 
Update on Huey Film,


Vol. 2 Issue 6
April 20, 2003
Last of the Shadow filming, review of documentary video "Thunderhawks", book review of Red Bird Down.

Vol. 2 Issue 7
May 1, 2003
New website for Nam veteran authors, Book review, new documentary "Time in A Barrel",

Vol.2 issue 8
May 7,2003
Whitedog Folk Art Monument to Huey landing, and some comments about
LZ Demorest.
Vol.2 Issue 9
May12, 2003
The 458th Transportation Company (PBR),
veteran issues updates
Vol.2 Issue 11
June 1, 2003
Folk Singer Roy Rivers, International World Peace Rose Garden dedication in Sacramento,
Photos of Memorial Day event in Sacramento, CA
Vol.2 Issue 12
June 6, 2003
The Educational Support Alliance Project

Vol.2 Issue 13
June 9,2003
The artist Vivian Westerman who created a memorial to Vietnam veterans,
Vol. 2 Issue 14
July 20, 2003
Updates on the documentary film; Combat Medic Badge, Author Brian Wizard
Vol.2 Issue 15
Special memorial issue
July 22, 2003
Angel Fire, VN Vet Memorial founder Dr, Victor Westphall

Vol.2 Issue 16
September 26, 2003
Book Fair at Premiere in Austin, Texas  - updates on Documentary,
Vol.3 Issue 1
January 4, 2004
Update on the Shadow documentary film, Vietnam book authors updates, Reunion plans for the 128th AHC, trip back to Vietnam for April, newest book "Purple Hearts" ,
Veteran internet radio station.

Vol. 3 Issue 2
March 21, 2004
091 lands in DC heads home to the Smithsonian, Book Review - "The Pucker Factor", Veteran Events, Vietnam Voices and Visions
Vol. 3 Issue 3
May 10, 2004
ITSOTB - Film awards and schedule of film showings, update on Bill McDonald's Spiritual Warrior book; A Veteran Salute in Elk Grove CA. 
Vol.4 Issue 1
January 8, 2005
Nam books by North Texas Press - PTSD Help information sources
Vol.4 Issue 2
January 15, 2005
New book on handling fear, TV show on PTSD and healing through the arts being made by PBS & veterans in Michigan,  "The Military  Writers Society of America"

Vol.4 Issue 3
January 18, 2005
Book awards for 2004, information on ITSOTB cable TV showing, VVAR
Vol.4 Issue 4



  Submissions of articles, poetry or any news items of interest to veterans, please submit via email to angelnet@citlink.net

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