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Newest Photos Posted April 15th 2003
Photos submitted by Leonard Monnett


Crash Photos 1
Crash Photos 2
 Doug Ward 1967
Doug In Huey 

Robin Hood Crew Relaxing in LZ 1966

Monkey Business
Crossbow Gunship 
Crossbow Crew

Lai Khe from the air
      Jim Kelley in action  Photo by John Deer
  Doug Ward & Montagnards 1967
Flight Crew Taking a break 1967
Photos - Robin Hoods Today 1
Photos - Robin Hoods Today 2

Lai Khe Hooch Girls ( *photo by Dan Binkley)

Older Hoods - June 2000

Hoods 1967 - Giving Finger of Approval

EASY RIDER - Larry Johnson Robin Hood  13

 PHOTOS Page 1 - By Robin Hood 16 - Jack Revels 68-69
 PHOTOS Page 1 - By Robin Hood 16 - Jack Revels 68-69

 PHOTOS Page 2 - By Robin Hood 16 - Jack Revels 68-69

PHOTOS Page 3 - By Robin Hood 16 - Jack Revels 68-69  

  PHOTOS - LAI KHE SWIMMING POOL - Don "Doc" Reynolds 

  PHOTOS - LAI KHE SCHOOL HOUSE - Don "Doc" Reynolds

PHOTO of John Jackson 1999 

Second Platoon  - Don "Doc" Reynolds

Photos from 11/69 - 11/70 by Ron Fenner

  John Deer - wounded and bullet holes

Battle Damaged Aircraft 866 - last mission - sit in Phu Loi Bone Yard 

Bill Dismukes (Pilot of Aircraft 866 - recent  photo)

All Photos for the above pages were contributed by Doug Ward, 
unless other wise noted. Any one who served with the 173rd,
 can submit photos and stories to the Webmaster Bill McDonald  
( photo and story credit will be given.)

  Patches Contributed by Jack Revels 
 Robin Hood 16 (Nam 68-69)



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