A web site that shares the emotional and spiritual experiences of the Vietnam War through poetry, stories, and photos by combat veterans.

Hosted by Vietnam Veteran Bill McDonald

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The 173rd Assault Helicopter Company

The Robin Hoods/ Crossbows

For the 173rd AHC Robinhoods Annual Reunion Information please visit Vietnam Helicopter Crewmembers Association website www.vhcma.org or contact Doug/Leilah Ward at ward67@earthlink.net

The Reunion is held every June.

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USMC/Vietnam Helicopter Association

 is now called:

USMC/Combat Helicopter Association


*SOP for Reunion Coordinators

Past Memories. . .

Reunion 2006 - Ft. Worth, Texas

Reunion 2004 - Reno, Nevada

July 2004

Upcoming Squadron Reunions

HMX-1 60th reunion

April 12-15, 2007

The plan is still coming together as we are just beginning the detailed planning. The event will be held in Quantico starting on the 12th of April, 2007 and going through the morning of the 15th. I am going to be the squadron POC and can be reached at VPBRINSON@WHMO.MIL

We are inviting all former HMX'ers and families. I will keep you posted as we get closer to the date and have more details.



Maj Van P. Brinson III



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2008 Reunion will be in San Antonio, TX

July 1-5 2008


2007 Reunion will be in Phoenix, AZ

July 3-8 2007

Marriott Desert Ridge Resort & Spa


5350 East Marriott Drive

Phoenix AZ 85054

For registration, reservations, agenda & other details please visit the VHPA Reunion site.

Past Memories. . .

2003 Reunion in Orlando, FL

Wednesday, 2 July 2003 through Sunday, 6 July 2003

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The 2007 178th ASHC & 400th TC reunion will be held in Savannah GA beginning on June 21st and running through June 24th.

It will be held at the Masters Inn Suites. Reservations may be made by calling 1-800-344-4378 and be sure to mention that you are with the 178th Boxcars to get the reunion rates.

Steve Niedbala

Your Host for 2007

More details can be found here.

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Vietnam Helicopter Crew Members Association



Do you want to host a unit reunion in conjunction with the VHCMA?

We can help. Contact us at 1-800-842-6201

The following units have had reunions in conjunction with the VHCMA. . .

If you were a member of any of these units, Come join your brothers in Atlanta.

11th CAB

13th CAB

1/4 CAV  C/16th CAV

92nd AHC

117th AHC

128th AHC

129th AHC

135th AHC

161st AHC

162nd AHC

173th AHC

175th AHC

227th AHB

229th AHB

273th AHC

295th ASHC

355th ASHC

478th ASHC

Sky Crane Association

Blue Max Association

228th ASHB

25thINF Div

242nd ASHC

243rd ASHC



213th Black Cats


Past Memories. . .

2003 VHCMA Reunion in Atlanta

Atlanta Airport Marriott

June 17 - 23, 2003

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11TH Combat Aviation Battalion

and all units that were stationed at

Phu Loi & Lai Khe 

South Vietnam

11th CAB units as of November 1, 1967

On the 1st Aviation Bde Organizational Chart 

The 184th Reconnaissance Airplane Company

The 128th Assault Helicopter Company

The Tomahawks / Gunslingers

The 162nd Assault Helicopter Company

The Vultures / Copperheads

The 173rd Assault Helicopter Company

The Robin Hoods/ Crossbows

The 213th Assault Support Helicopter Co.

The Black Cats

The 205th Assault Support Helicopter Co.

The Geronimos

The 116th Assault Helicopter Co.

The Hornets

All support units are invited

including Red Cross donut dollies, & nurses 

Robin Hood Bruce Peters

with Donut Dolly Patty Fortenbery

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