A web site that shares the emotional and spiritual experiences of the Vietnam War through poetry, stories, and photos by combat veterans.

Hosted by Vietnam Veteran Bill McDonald

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My ministry is basically just a wedding ministry, although I do funerals and other religious services. I am not formally trained through any recognized seminary nor associated with any main stream religions.

My  certificate of ordination was granted by The United Faith Ministries - granted by Rev. Joseph B. Gines, D.D. (Chancellor of Dean of Education for United Faith Ministry - Department of Education, in McAlpin, Florida)

I was awarded from United Faith Ministry the following: a Doctor of Christian Life Counseling Degree; An Honorary  Doctor of Divinity Degree; a Confirmation of Communion, a certificate that conferred the title of Ordained Reverend Doctor; a Certificate of Ordination.

I do not have a formal church however, I  give Sunday religious services once a month at a Senior's Assisted Living Residence in Elk Grove, California and at other locales throughout northern California . This ordination was not difficult to obtain and it is open to almost anyone who believes that they have a calling or a need to be ordained.  It is not the credentials that makes a person spiritual - that is something that you cannot purchase or be trained for. I make no pretense that I am basically anything more than a "mail order" minister. I do not wish to mislead anyone to believe anything other than what I represent here in this disclosure.

The address at the time of my ordination for the United Faith Ministries was the following:

The United Faith Ministry
Department of Education and Ordination
P.O. Box 310
McAlpin, Florida 32062-010


Statement of my Faith

I believe in one God.
I believe that we are all His children.
I accept and honor all faiths - as seekers of the one true God and respect their followers.
I believe in love, the power of forgiveness, compassion, and faith.
I do not argue about what other people choose to believe - each person has a right to their own path without my judgments or condemnation.

It is very simple - do unto others and treat them all as you would want them to treat you.

I am always available free of any charges or fees to all veteran organizations or peace groups for chaplain services.